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There are a number of ways to earn points for promotion. Here's a list of
some of the more popular ways to earn promotion points:

Entering a local tournament 1 point
Entering a regional tournament 2 points
Beating an opponent two ranks below your own 1/2 point
Beating an opponent one rank below your own 1 pointt
Beating an opponent of equal rank 2 points
Beating an opponent one rank higher 3 points
Beating an opponent two ranks higher 4 points
Attending a USJA clinic or course 1 point per session
Attending a USJA training camp 1 point per session
Officiating(timekeeping, scorekeeping) in a tournament,1/2 day 1/2 point
Officiating(timekeeping, scorekeeping) in a tournament,whole day 1 point




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