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Here are links to some dojo-related resources:


Promotion Information

Information on belt rank promotion requirements.


In the News

Portsmouth Judo Dojo in the news.


Downloadable Posters

Download these posters right onto your desktop, then print them out and put them up around where you work or live. Help promote our dojo and Judo in general.


Here are some links to Judo event calendars, including dates and times for tournaments, clinics and seminars. Be sure to verify dates and times before going to an event you've found on one of these calendars.


New Hampshire Area Event Calendar
A calendar of New Hampshire area Judo events.

New England Area Event Calendar
An excellent resource for New England area Judo events.

USJA Event Calendar
Good for keeping up with international events as well as state-by-state information.



The Internet is a great resource for Judo information. Here are some links to some useful websites:


The Judo Information Site
The most thorough Judo site on the Web. Packed with information on all aspects of Judo, it's a great place to start. Absolutely amazing 'Contacts Around The World' page as well.


The Kodokan
Follow this link to The Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan. The Kodokan is the original birthplace of Judo.



The International Judo Federation website. The IJF is the governing body of international Judo events. (Beware: it's a very Java-heavy page)


Current IJF Rules
This page is updated by the IJF.


Judo Dojos In the USA

Judo Dojos Around The World

From the largest Judo contact database on the Internet,
again from the Judo Information Site

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